Luck vs Griffin III

AP Photo/Nick Wass

Earlier today, the top 2 overall picks of this past year’s draft faced off in Week 3 of the preseason. Griffin III and the Washington Redskins came away with a 30-17 victory over Luck and the Colts. Both Luck and Griffin played a whole half before the second string players came in.

Luck was 14-23 (60.9%) for 151 yards and a touchdown.  Luck may have had the play of the game when he escaped pressure, rolled out, and threw a 31 yard strike to T.Y. Hilton for an Indianapolis TD.  Luck showed great composure in the pocket, however, he was brought down twice for a total loss of 13 yards.

Griffin III was 11-17 (64.7%) for 74 yards and a touchdown.  RG3 did a great job of escaping pressure and extending plays when it was needed.  Griffin’s TD pass was the result of a wonderfully designed play.  Griffin took the snap and immediately rolled to his right and threw a 4 yard bullet right to Santana Moss who ran a short out-route.  Robert was given the chance to throw a few deep balls to his receivers just missing on a few.  He stated after the game that the timing isn’t quite there yet, but come the regular season, those will be touchdowns.

Both rookies played great games.  Both threw a touchdown and neither turned the ball over.  It seems like this meeting between Luck and Griffin was a draw.

Luck and Griffin both showed that they are prepared for the NFL and that they are both going to be huge factors in turning around their respective franchises.  Last year, it was Luck vs Griffin for the Heisman Trophy.  Look for the same to be true this season for the Rookie of the Year award.


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